1. Why should I use POS software?

It is a software package that organizes information, manages inventory, generates reports, and records, analyses sales, and transaction data, and merges with accounting software.

The software links your customer services, inventory, accounting, payroll, and other departments, within one program, which helps centralize your administrative tasks. Using a POS is a tremendous time saving and efficient compared with the alternative of using separate software to manage each area.

2. How does a POS helps the Supermarkets and hypermarkets in overall business operations?

It brings many tasks to automation mode. It helps manage inventory, products, sales, billing, bill printing, tax summary, business insights, etc.

3. Do I need separate equipment to use the POS billing software?

Not really. You can use your desktop or even your mobile device to use the POS software.

4. What actually is POS billing software?

Supermarkets are the perfect examples where you can find the POS billing software. The cashier simply scans the products using the barcode scanner and generates the invoices with so many products with the least effort. Technically, POS software enables the cashiers to enter the products or services purchased by the customers and generate invoices in the least time.

5. Is your POS system fully integrated?

It’s the platform that connects all the different areas of the enterprise to the retail store customers.

6. Is your POS user-friendly?

An easy-to-use interface for POS terminals.

7. Does it provides real-time information?

Yes. It provides real-time visibility of data and statistics about your entire supply chain, regardless of the channels.

8. Shall I get the monthly reports from POS software?

Yes. You will get the whole report on operations for the set specific time duration.

9. can I schedule the necessary reports to be automatically emailed at the end of the month?

Yes. We have the option.

10. Can I add payment options to POS?

Yes, we can add payment options to POS.

11. Can we migrate our old or historical data?

We can commit to migrating master lists of data such as users, charts of accounts, inventory items, and beginning balances but not the transactions. An invoice-based option is there for us to set the previous transactions.

12. What are the benefits of procuring a POS system for your business?

Simple invoicing, quick payments, better customer management, better inventory management, better customer satisfaction, loyalty, etc.

13. Why is a point of sale important?

A POS system speeds up your check-out process significantly. By having a centralized database of your products, pricing, and customers, you can quickly find the products, assign orders to a customer, and apply discounts with little effort. If you are using a barcode scanner, the process is even faster.

14. What is POS balance?

The balance of POS function is an end of shift function that helps the cashier match the totals between what is in the cash drawer and the expected cash.

15. What is POS reconciliation?

It is the task of comparing two sets of records to see if the figures match up. It helps ensure that your financial activity is properly recorded and the amounts are all accounted for.