Beauteqx Faq

1. What is Beauteqx?

It is a salon and spa management software that enables the spa and salon business to manage the day-to-day operations, orders, processes, billing, and operations management in an automated environment.

2. What Equipment do I need to use Beauteqx?

Beauteqx is Cloud-based, so you just need any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer) that connects to the internet. Additional equipment (hardware) you can purchase through us.

3. What makes cloud-based software different?

With our software, you are free to access your information any time from virtually anywhere with high-end security.

4. what does centralized data do for multiple salon locations?

Each salon or spa in a group or chain generates its own operational data (such as appointments, client records, employee records, inventory usage, income, etc) and has no access to data for another salon or spa. However, some or all of this data may be accessed and pooled at a central location.

5. What is remote access?

Remote access is a real-time connection to your data. No matter where you are, you have easy access to your account at any time and on any device with an internet connection. That way you can check your schedule, add or update a booking, set up automated confirmation and reminders, run a report, check a report, and even check inventory any time and from almost any location.

6. How do I make a switch from my existing software?

Depending on the software you are currently using or how you have your data stored, we can transfer your clients, history, inventory, gift cards, and more.

7. what if my employees are not computer experts?

No problem. We provide complete training and support.

8. Do I need software for my small salon?

You might not think so. But it’s the large volume of data handling capacity that integrates all aspects of business that makes Beauteqx so effective. The ability to sort and link large amounts of information is the key to suggestive selling, accurate financial and performance data, email marketing, and user-friendly operations.

9. What is online client scheduling?

With this facility, the client makes his/ her own appointments by accessing the salon or spa website, social media, or mobile app at any time, on any device, and anywhere with an internet connection. Each client has access to his/ her data only with salon authorized individual log in’s. The client may schedule or check their own appointments, view their service, and product history and even check gift card balances. Your busy clients will greatly appreciate 24/7 convenience.

10. What happens if the internet goes down?

If it happens you will be able to log on to Beauteqx from your phone or tablet using your mobile data connection.