Zoomie Faq

1. What is Zoomie?

It is a restaurant management software that can handle your restaurant’s operations. It handles the procedures like managing orders, tracking sales, generating invoices, managing employees, etc.

2. what is the difference between a restaurant management system and a common POS system?

The common POS system can be used in any business-like for example retail business. But the Restaurant POS system or restaurant management software is built specifically for restaurants and their operations.

3. How does Zoomie helps manage our restaurant business?

Waiters can accept orders using any device like a smartphone or tablet.

As soon as the waiters confirm the order placed at the table, it is immediately displayed on the kitchen’s display.

The order also appears on the device at your cash register. You can print out the bill.

You can mark the food orders according to their status, Cooking, Ready, Served, or Paid.

4. Is it easy to use?

Simple and easy-to-use software is best for any new and existing restaurant owners.

5. Is it fast?

Yes. A slow restaurant software will just slow your restaurant down. It might be very inconvenient during busy hours.

6. Does it require any expensive types of equipment?

Zoomie is Cloud-based, so you just need any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer) that connects to the internet. Additional equipment (hardware) you can purchase through us.

7. What all are the hardware equipment required to run the software?

Tablet or computer.

I pad stand, is used at the cash counter for convenience.

Wifi thermal printer, used for printing the receipts and invoices.

Card readers. Used for accepting card payments.

8. How do I make a switch from my existing software?

Depending on the software you are currently using or how you have your data stored, we can transfer your customers, history, inventory, gift cards, and more.

9. Can I integrate payment methods to Zoomie?

Yes. It is possible to make payments through various payment methods.

10. Is our customer data safe with the restaurant management software solution?

Your restaurant management system stores sensitive customer data. As you can imagine, it must be able to protect that data and manage your network from attacks.