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Amber POS

An operating system you can use to manage physical stores and sell in person. It also helps you manage store inventory, keeps track of sales, collects customers’ contact information, and order history, and manage retail staff.

It’s easy to use, has a logical concept, is user-friendly, and is very affordable compared to other systems. The vendor has been excellent with training and follow-up questions. We made the right decision going with Amber POS.

Integrated Barcode Scanning


Amber POS act as a full inventory management system allowing you to barcode your inventory for fast and easy scanning and processing of transactions at the front till. Implementing barcode tracking of your inventory can significantly improve the accuracy of your inventory tracking and virtually eliminates any possibility of a clerk invoicing the customer for the wrong item at check out.

Transaction Based Features


Efficient sales processing at your fingertips, with added features of Loyalty cards, Gift vouchers, discounts, etc.


Powerful Payment Processing

Amber POS has partnered with the industry’s top leading providers for debit and credit card processing, to provide merchants with fully integrated, fast, and secure payment processing for their retail locations.
Our software integrates with Element Payment Services, Global Payment Services, and other leading payment processors.
This integration allows your clerks to process transactions more quickly, more accurately, and more surely than using external terminals.


Powerful Inventory Management

At the heart of any retail business is its inventory, and Amber POS is a fully functional and powerful inventory management tool.
Maximize your profits and customer satisfaction rates by tracking and predicting inventory trends at each of your store locations.

Get a quick snapshot of your daily business statistics

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    Track your business growth with daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports. Analyze’ your margins with gross profit reports and Review how well your products are doing with best or worst seller reports. It filters sales for easy viewing by class, clerk, vendor, and customer and Reviews items by a customer with the item-specific customer listing and also Analyses purchase habits with a full customer list and purchase activity.

Customer Data at your Fingertips

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    With Amber POS, keeping up with your customers is easy. Amber POS’ CRM module gives you the ability to keep detailed records of all of your customer transactions for a quick lookup. Your cashiers will be able to deliver a personalized approach with clerk-visible customer notes to increase customer service levels.

Manage Multiple Store Inventory and Daily Operations in real-time

Manage your Multiple stores with confidence

Real-time inventory and customer data sync across your fleet of stores make managing store operations a smooth process. Quickly look up inventory between stores for efficient customer care. Returns can be processed and tracked at any location regardless of whether they were purchased there or not to improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.


Track Multi-Store Performance Statistics

Track multi-store performance statistics and metrics so that you always know how each store is doing, which inventory sells best at which store, who your top-performing employees are at each location, and what types of customers each location attracts.

Make better decisions on a per-location basis as well as across your entire fleet of stores. What works in one physical location may not work at another location, and Amber POS will help you to track and analyze your multi-store data to arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions

Manage Your Store Effortlessly

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    Track employee activity for one or multiple stores, while also having the ability to update and change employee permissions as you see fit. Have trouble tracking employee hours? No problem. Amber POS gives you access to employee schedules as well as punch-in and punch-out capabilities for each of your team members.

Manage Your Growing Team Efficiently

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    Amber POS helps you properly manage your employees. From hourly time tracking, and employee permission updates, to measuring performance indicators, you can trust Amber POS to manage your entire team of staff.

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