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Beauteqx can be defined as user-friendly software to upgrade your spa management system to the digital world. A complete digital platform for the spa is Beauteqx. Beauteqx will be with you by providing a touchless menu card, providing all the sales records in just a finger touch away, allowing an efficient employee management system, taking appointments from customers, allocating customers to free cabins, passing the appointment to specified personal assistance, and making the financial payment, etc.

If you go for an appointment from our Beauteqx. then our appointment scheduler sorts your daily appointments by time or staff, so you see all available slots.

A fast appointment/Token system and digital payment with more options surely make your customers more satisfied and these satisfied customers can make a great difference in your income coming. Beauteqx will help to make benefit on different dimensions like revenue, time, and customer satisfaction.


Easy and Flexible Appointments scheduling

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    With our Beauteqx the clients can easily schedule their appointments, which the spa/ salon owners can see immediately in the back end. You can sort these appointments by day or week.

Appointment tracking system

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    Very user-friendly way of presenting the scheduling of employees in the salon. You can get updates on employee work each minute. And the Pictorial representation in calendar mode will give you the summary of the number of appointments on each day and thus plan the entire day to work smoothly.


Organized Booking Calendar

You are able to see all the client appointments or schedules at first glance makes it easier to organize the calendar.


Token Management

It helps you to provide better customer service even at peak hours and shorten the waiting reduces the loss of potential sales due to an ill-managed queue.

Employee Management


It performs basic tasks like tracking employee hours by shift opening and closing time. Records daily performance reports and also the Employee profiling.

Mobile App


Beauteqx mob app for POS Reports will allow you to receive summarized reports of various spa operations right on your mobile phone.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Most busy beauty salons and spas probably do not have time to collect customer information, and in the digital world, most successful businesses rely on the collection of customer data. Our software help store the customer information such as email, address, service history, loyalty points, and other vital details securely. Storage of this information will help the salon owners target the right customers to send emails to about new products, services, or any other information that is needed to convert a first-time customer to a repeated customer.


Sell Products And Services

You can also list products and services for sale. So that new shampoo line, nail polish color, or beauty service you are looking to introduce to your clients can be done. You no longer need to wait till clients come into the salon before selling the products, go ahead and list them on the app.