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ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning Software is simple yet powerful tool that helps you keep track of all your daily business activities and maintains the progress of a multitude of business process under a single system. ERP software facilitates enterprise performance management on a real time basis, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. it helps you view, predict, streamline and optimize your business functions as well as financial results.

Why you need ERP software for your business?

In today’s competitive business environment, staying relevant is imperative. It simplifies the business operations through effective inventory management, stock valuation, warehouse management, vendor transaction management, budget management, accounting, finance, payroll and sales management. ERP can provide a true and unified picture of critical, up- to- the minute business data and scale your business organization to great heights. It is not just a solution; it is the need of the hour of every business.

Here is the three ways ERP can improve your business;

1. Drive optimal performance. With solution that integrate artificial intelligence, you will access insights that enhance your decision making and reveal ways to improve operational performance going forwards.

2. Accelerate operational impact. By connecting processes and data, you will bring more visibility and flexibility to employees to help them take action quickly and deliver more values across the business.

3. Ensure Business agility. Many ERP solutions are built to adapt to your needs and growth with you, helping you proactively prepare for- and daily respond to- any operational disruption or market change.


POS Software

Point of sale or POS is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At sale points, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates that amount, may prepare an invoice for the customer, and indicates the option for the customer to make payment.

It is also the place at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service. On receipt of payment the merchant may issue a receipt for the transaction, which is usually printed but is increasingly being dispensed with or send electronically.


Why POS for Business?

Today business is increasingly adopting POS systems, and one of the most obvious and compelling reasons is that a POS system does away with the need for price tags. Price to sell is here directly linked to the product code of an item when adding stock, so the cashier merely needs to scan this code to process a sale.

Even when there is a price changes, this can also be easily done through the inventory window. Other advantages of a POS system include the ability to implement various types of discounts, a loyalty scheme for customers, and more efficient stock control.


POS Solutions

A POS system reduces the potential for human error by automating such payments tasks such as searching for items and calculating prices. With a click of button, you can see the what our sales for that day were, what our returns were and how we are doing in the inventory. In the old way without having [a POS], you would have reviewed all the data in the books and add them manually. The key capabilities you will want at the time of payment include scanning barcodes and printing receipts.

Faster Check out’s: A POS solution provides a faster check out process than the cash registers, by using a barcode scanner to enable with the products. It has the feature to readily accept the diverse payments, which enables the customers to use the different payment methods, and there by increases the sales and customer convenience also.

Easy to use: POS systems are easy to use which enhances the cashiers to avail all the information at their fingertips. It is operating with a touch screen, which makes more enumerate in dealing with data.

All in one Solutions: All in one ERP solution built in POS will manage your whole sale business in a desirable way and eliminates the need of entering information in multiple ways so that reduces errors.

Perfect inventory system: the Pillar of every business is its perfect inventory system which organise all stock details and avoiding all product outages and overstock. It also provides complete order tracking from acceptance to payment.

Reward to the customers: by this software we can have customer database storing, we can group customers by various attributes, we can provide reward by the points they acquired. We can generate sales invoice, apply discounts and promotion easily. It offers reports for all outlets, daily collection reports and so on.

Cash Management system: maintain a complete picture of your cash flow with comprehensive permission settings and reporting capabilities. Accurately attribute end of the day totals to the employees.


Understanding distribution management is essential to run a successful business. It helps the business to manage the entire supply chain and fulfil the demand of the customers. It helps in tracking sales from manufacturing or purchasing of stocks.

Why you need a Distribution Management System?

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, distribution management provides a platform to encourage and manage your entire stock flow and process access your distributor network. It gives real time updates on stocks and deliveries. The lack of information management has the effect of delaying your entire sales pipeline.

Excellent resource utilisation. A powerful distribution management makes excellent use of available resources and achieves sales targets and desirable growth. If your business is integrated with such a software solution, it will offer you quick and smooth operations that ultimately saves time. It removes manual working and gives an error free business environment.

Accurate inventory management. A distribution management system integrates several automated processes. It optimizes the processes involved in the ordering system and provides smooth ordering and delivery of products. Thus, it minimizes human intervention and errors and you get the benefit of managing/ taking hundreds of your orders and their deliveries.

Well aligned promotions and pricing. Deciding on the right promotions, offers, and pricing and reaching out to the customers is daunting task. Any kind of error or loss in business will results in this or you may lose your valued customers. Proper distribution management gives you reporting features. With this, you can know how you can better reach promotions, offers and pricing to the customers.

Product delivery management. Product delivery is the important step in the supply chain process. Therefore, there is a need for constant concentration for between sales department, warehouse, distributors and retailers. All distribution management software is designed to meet these requirements and ensure product delivery and return management.

Well organised payment system. Billing and payment is also an important step in product delivery. Having distribution software enabled with advance billing options makes selling/ buying everything easy for everyone, vendors, retailers and consumers.


From streamlined work orders, scheduling and shop floor control to drag- and- drop capacity planning and integrated project control, Rootstock automates your entire productions.

Planning. Effective planning module allows you to map out your production cycles and display an overview of your supplies, finances and employees.

Predictions. This component makes accurate estimates of sales, finances, inventory and more.

Supply chain management. You are provided a complete snapshot of your supply chain with this feature.

Work order management.
Streamline your entire work order process, including release, picking material, booking, quantity recording, receipt, and costing.
Create tear- down work order process, including release, picking material, booking, quantity recording, receipt, backflushing and cost.
Firm work orders generated by MRP.

Scheduling and capacity planning.
View day to day work centre capacity by labour, or machine hours on a single, easy to read graphical display.
our production management software allows you to create and manage schedules for all firmed, released and in- process work orders.

Streamline production and material flow with your suppliers and in your factories. Manage your entire work order life cycle.

Project Manufacturing

Plan, cost, and track by division, project or group of projects.
Control and plan material purchases, manufacturing, and inventory by division, and identify inventories and costs by project.


Helps your business automate the process of customer support and communication through reliable systems.

Business Management
CRM software helps you keep everything in one place, allowing your sales, marketing, and service departments to work more efficiently. Besides just record keeping, you can also use your CRM to keep track of touch points your customers have with you. By tagging these touch points, you will get an idea of how each contact or client interacts with your brand.

Customer Tracking.

Customer tracking with CRM software helps support your lead generation, loyalty, and sales efforts, but how it does depend largely on your business model and your business goals. CRM software should allow you to track customer responses in your email campaigns as well.
That way you can get a clear picture of the buying cycle, know what works, and deliver what your customer needs to move them closer to a sale with targeted marketing.

Targeted marketing.
Once you have the customer data, you can begin to formulate and target marketing that is more apt to yield conversions. For instance, CRM Software can track every email offer click, website and social click.

Customer feedback.
Many CRM, loyalty and email marketing platforms offer tools to help you understand how your customers view your brand. You can gather important insights through surveys, internal ratings, or reviews that stay within your database. Getting a head of customer issues and providing a space for customers to vent to you, rather than on public- facing review sites, can help you repair issues faster and more efficiently.

Purchase history analysis.
You can track the purchase history of a customer with CRM systems. this will allow you to better craft your pitches based on what (content, products and services, etc.) specific people engage with most.

Direct Impact analysis.
You can better understand the direct impact your content marketing strategy has to sale. This should help the marketing departments in the future know where they need work and what strategies are no longer worth it.


We help the organisation to manage the assets and coordinate with the team efficiently. Asset managers get the complete picture of variety of physical assets and their status and depreciation report.

Tracking and tagging of assets.
Right from initial procurement to maintenance. Track and tag asset automation and handle large scale inventory easily.

Streamline audit and daily operations.
Auditing is essential to verify which assets the organization owns. Where they are located, what is their status? ,etc. The auditing part plays a crucial role in data analysis and management.

Asset audit software lets you schedule your own audit time frame, receive status updates. It makes the process simple easy and to manage assets.

Monitor assets.
It refers to asset usage, automating operations, check availability and status. The location where the assets are deployed, make any changes required and more.

Depreciation management.
The ability to maximize asset life cycles, replacements, and more. It ensures to update assets current status. Easy to manage assets, enhanced accuracy and accountability. Minimizing waste and increased profitability.

Check in- check outs of assets.
This feature enables to monitoring and management of business assets well. It can improve accuracy, reduce manual tasks, and can verify asset status. You can extract information and filter data easily. The asset files have their name, tag, vendor name, employee name, etc.


A solution that enables businesses and HRs to manage, maintain and automate payments to employees. A central management system that helps speed up their payroll processes, reduce errors, maintain compliance, thereby enabling business to maintain seamless operations.

Simplifies the whole payroll method. Calculations of salaries, deductions and incentives are not an easy process, it requires the repetition of the entire process for every employee at every month. To make things simple a payroll management system requires you to enter the data only for the first time. It automatically calculates and repeats the process for the subsequent months.

Saves time and lowers the error ratio.
Payroll management systems are efficient at handling large employee salary data. It can create and manage multiple salary structures for various seniority levels in your organization. Compliance norms and records the data into its servers making it easy to retrieve data.

A Cost-effective software solution.
Software solution avoids hiring more employees to handle the payroll management. It does not require any investment in hardware such as servers and physical software packages, which makes the system cost- effective.

Its secure.
Data’ s are being saved into the secure cloud servers., which assures the security of your data. The confidential documents can be accessed with passwords or proper security measures which helps to secure data from unauthorized access.


Automates the daily workflows in a restaurant. A tool that is designed to manage the functions of hospitality organisation through better task flow management and automation. When your customers order gets punched in, her details become a part of your database. This apart, the ticketing, billing, printing KOT- the key operational activities are handled by your POS. Also, the customer data you collect is then used to feed your marketing. Now a days a lot of it can be automated.

Online Ordering Platform.
These systems help you get business directly on your own platforms- websites and app. A seamless order, discount, check out, payment, delivery status, feedback and loyalty experience matters. Your online ordering system is often the first touch point with your customer. And it can go a long way in making that great first impression and helping your brand grow.

Table reservation management.
This is critical for Dine- In Restaurant experience. You should be able to accept the table reservations from your website and manage all your table reservations from your restaurant management systems.

Restaurant marketing management.
Communicate all your menu items, your special discounts the right way and more.

Loyalty management.
Allows you to reward your loyal customers with best offers.

Employee management tool.
Here are some features you should look out for,
Employee’s attendance tracking
Timesheets, productivity, and over time tracking
User access control settings
Employee details
Payroll management feature or integration

Restaurant finances and accounting software.
Your restaurant finances and software help you determine the cost of goods, track sales and profits and help you manage your business in an effective way. One that has all the features you need to ensure your money matters are correctly handled.

Instant billing.
The quicker your orders get punched, the quicker the KOTs release. This can impact how much business you could generate in a given period.

Point of sales operations (moving beyond just billing).
These days POS operations include so much more the purchasing orders and billing. Loyalty integrations help drive customer delight, whilst menu recommendations help in predictive selling. A good POS focuses on reducing your table flip time (or order processing time). And a table side POS is the answer.


Spa and salon management software for wellness industry ERP solution for wellness, beauty salon, and spa, spa management software is a comprehensive ERP solution that provides the possibility to handle spa and wellness business.

Send promotions to targeted audience by emails and SMS’s.

Acquire more.
New online webstore enables promote and acquire more clients.

Sell more.
Cross sell services, products, packages and gift cards.

Manage easy.
Manage business 24/7 using mobile apps and tools.


Program that helps that smoothen and improvise the dry cleaners and laundry business management service workflow like laundry record keeping, manage day to day tasks, laundry billing, POS, collection, delivery, sales analytics, dashboards, etc.

All-inclusive laundry management.
Equipped with assorted tools for continuous tracking of orders, inventory, delivery and other processes. The goal of the software solution is to let your business have automated operations and smoother workflows in inventory management, multiple service billing, and dealing with other business areas.

Streamlined laundry processes.
The system helps you to take orders, process them, and generate invoices in just a few clicks. The software solution allows you to control other laundry operations through its faster handling speed and accuracy in each routine of cleaning. It also permits real time tracking and monitoring of laundry and dry-cleaning services starting from sorting, cleaning, pressing, folding, packaging and delivering clothes.

Enhanced customer experience.
It is no surprise that customers get frustrated when they do not get the expected service on time. The common obstacle to this is mismanaged customer queries, that take a longer time to get resolved, or even worse; they are never acted upon it.
When you have an ERP solution in hand, your staff is better prepared to provide impactful customer services. In addition to all other business operations, the system integrates the customer management module to make client and customer information available in one place. Your team can access data about orders, payments, issues, pricing, delivering and more in real to immediately provide customers with premium support.
The software system is essential for retaining clients and increasing customer satisfaction, which helps you boost customer loyalty and increase revenue generation.